Australian traffic planning software company Road Manager is expanding in Europe with the program now available in eleven countries including France, Germany and the UK.

Managing director Christine Keyes said the traffic software company was keen to build on its already established customer base in the UK and Ireland with the inclusion of more European countries.

Ms Keyes said Road Manager could make a huge difference to traffic planning for both Government agencies and the private sector in Europe.

“We’re transforming the existing pen and paper system into an affordable cloud based plan that can be drafted, approved and adjusted live,” she said.

“Road construction and maintenance has kept economies going during the Covid 19 pandemic.\”

“We\’re trying to help out with this effort by making our product available in Ireland, France, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Sweden, France, Switzerland and Norway. We will continue to add other European nations.\”

“Road Manager will totally streamline the way you manage your roadworks and events. You can plan your event quickly then also manage all your resources in the field,” she said.

Road Manager now in 18 countries including 11 in Europe

Road Manager is now available in Ireland, France, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Norway, as well as Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, Peru and Singapore.

Say goodbye to drawing traffic plans over a white page or importing expensive maps to develop transport management plans. Road Manager is the new traffic management software that connects you to the power of Google Maps.

Cut the time it takes to draw plans from two hours to 15 minutes. Draw your traffic plans over live maps, then manage your road works in real time. Know exactly where your resources are and implement your plans live from your mobile or tablet.

Road Manager is now the preferred cloud based traffic management software used for government approved training. To sign up for the free trial visit or email

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